Just when I needed an upbeat moment.

There's something very cool about seeing your own books on a library shelf. (In this case, the Noble County Library in Albion.)

Who turned out the lights?

We were stocking up at Wal-Mart an hour ago when the lights blinked twice, then all the power went out in that area of Kendallville. We got out thanks to the 15 minute backup battery on the registers, and managed to navigate two intersections with dark stop lights. Seriously messes up November, folks.

Oh, snow

Go away!

At Least We Have Our Health

After intensive research (ahem—on the internet) it appears I am not having a reaction to my flu shot … I actually have the flu (or a bad head cold).
Once again, the theme of this month: #WorstNovemberEver.

Author Joleene Naylor answers seven questions

Simon Goodson’s latest “Seventh Question” features horror writer Joleene Naylor:
“Even the most attractive hero is still a killer.”
Joleene Naylor is the author of the glitter-less Amaranthine vampire series, a world where vampires aren’t for children.

Dusty smoke

Dust collector fire at Dexter Axle last night. Minor, but a reminder that dust can be flammable, and in some conditions even explosive.

Speak of the Devil: A Day In The Life Of A Cat

Can you hear me meow?

Speak of the Devil: A Day In The Life Of A Cat: And so we come to that time when the floor and all attention must be given to the resident cat, for her point of view on things like dogs,...

Five Mistakes to Avoid in Your NaNoWriMo Novel

When you’re a writer, just being able to sit at the keyboard (or pen) may help save your sanity in these troubled times. (#WorstNovemberEver) So even though we’re halfway through National Novel Writing Month, I wanted to pass on Grammarly’s list of five writing mistakes to watch out for:

Thanks to Grammarly for the tips:

Since NaNoWriMo is something of a headlong rush, these tips might count more toward the next, and just as important, phase in your novel: editing. But editing the third draft of my latest book is exactly my task for this fall, and you should be halfway to finishing your first draft anyway, so it works!