Good day for a swim, but I walked

Lots of swimmers, lots of boats at Pokagon State Park. May be a bit too warm and humid for walking as far as I did.

Facebook Page for ALL-IN Author Appearance

I made up a Facebook event page for the author appearance portion of the June 25 ALL-IN event on the Noble County Courthouse square. Fourteen authors, no waiting!

Please sign up to show your support as we celebrate Indiana’s bicentennial. Also, let me know if you’re interested in Hoosier Hysterical, so I know how many copies to bring!

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Yes, I’m quite sure there will be photos of the dog. What there will not be is spam.

Hanging around Chain O Lakes State Park

Speak of the Devil: A Day In The Life Of A Cat

Speak of the Devil: A Day In The Life Of A Cat: And now it is time for Her Royal Majesty to have her say... 7:26 AM. Waking up at home. Big stretch. Strange dreams. Dreamed of so...

I'll second that proof

After Emily made some cover changes, we sent off for a second proof copy of Hoosier Hysterical. A rush copy—it’s nail biting time for me, trying to get it perfect in time for our June release and the June 25 author appearance.

I think next time we’ll completely finish formatting the book first, then make our plans for its first appearance.

Shhhh … I found bugs in my office

If you’re going to spend the day proofreading (it is called a proof copy, after all), why not do it at a picnic table in Pokagon State Park?

It worked out great for me. But for the dog, well … we had a walking path on one side, and more picnic areas on the other side—it was way too distracting for Bae. He didn’t get any work done at all.

I only found four mistakes, and there’s a little work to do on the back cover—not too shabby.