After-Action Report

Well, Saturday was the official debut of our eighth—count ‘em, eight—published work in just five years. That doesn’t by itself explain my exhaustion, but it helps. The good news is that it didn’t blow rain in on fifteen writers sitting under a canopy, and we also didn’t set any high temperature records, and a good time seemed to be had by all.

Still, we didn’t sell all that many copies of Hoosier Hysterical. Part of that might be that everyone’s attention was split, with so many things going on at once for the ALL-IN Block Party. We did get some sales—about sixteen, if my counting is correct, spread out over all the books.

The surprise for me is that we sold two copies of the anthology My Funny Valentine, which I have a humor piece in. Kind of a seasonal thing—and since I only have one humor piece in that anthology, I don’t even count it as one of mine. If you include it and my short story in the anthology Strange Portals, you could argue I actually have ten books out. I wouldn’t, but you could.

Anyway, between spending the day outside without hydrating and an ill-timed lawn mowing experience the next day I got a bit too much heat—which also helps explain the exhaustion—but I’m glad I was able to experience Noble County’s own celebration of Indiana’s birthday. I still haven’t had a chance to download the photos yet, but they’re coming.

Emily shows who really does the work at our book signings, while I hide behind the camera.

50 Authors from 50 States: Sally Franklin Christie Welcomes You to Montana

50 Authors from 50 States: Sally Franklin Christie Welcomes You to Montana: Welcome to Montana home to Don and Dan Nichols, Nathaneil Bar-Johah and Ted Kaczynski.   Michael Keaton . Dennis Quaid  and Tom Brokaw...

Join us tomorrow—be ALL-IN

The Welcome Center for the Noble County ALL-IN Block Part opens at 9 a.m. tomorrow (Saturday), and the opening ceremony is from 9:30-10 a.m. After that all the Community Partner Booths open, including the 15 (or maybe 16!) authors at the Noble County libraries location, on the southwest corner of the courthouse square in Albion. The entertainment goes on until 3 p.m.

Emily and I tend to be night owls, so be there early to help us stay awake! In addition to our newest book, Hoosier Hysterical, we’ll have copies of all seven of our print books available. Only my e-book story collection, Storm Chaser Shorts, is not available in print.

Hoosier Hysterical is priced at only $10, even with all the photos … and don’t be surprised if we have some deals going for those who want multiple books.

Final block party schedule released

Final block party schedule released: ALBION — Organizers for the Noble County ALL-IN Block Party have released the final schedule of meetings and events for the event planned for June 25 around the Noble County Courthouse Square in Albion.

Hoosier Hysterical Passes On Review

The very first (of many?) review of Hoosier Hysterical: How the West Became the Midwest Without Moving At All. (Hey, can’t I set up an auto-fill for when I type the whole subtitle? Genius!)

Although the reviewer makes the mistake of assuming I’m an historian, he clearly appreciates a good beet joke. (You have to read chapter one to get that. And you don’t even have to buy the book—it’s in the Amazon preview.)