Friday, March 27, 2015

Teams Needed for Relay For LIfe of Noble County (Indiana)

Teams are needed for the Relay For Life of Noble County, which has set a fund raising goal of $45,000 for their 2015 effort to fight cancer. As of late March 17 teams have signed up for the Relay, which is being held May 16-17 at the West Noble High School, south of Ligonier along US 33.

At least 15 more teams are needed, and the Relay is also looking to honor and celebrate cancer survivors. The Relay For Life movement unites communities across the globe, with community based events that raise funds for local programs, services, and research in the fight against cancer. Teams and individuals walk or run around the West Noble track and can stay overnight, participating in various activities and entertainment along the way.
For more information, Please contact Mike White at or Tammy Taylor at

Thursday, March 26, 2015

7 things about my writing life

I was tagged on Facebook by Lorelei Bell to reveal seven things about my writing life. I’m not going to tag anyone (‘cause I don’t do that), but I think I can come up with seven little known, if not terribly interesting, things:

            I was diagnosed as a kid as being dyslexic—and never knew it. My mother apparently assumed I remembered, and dropped that bombshell on me in an off the cuff remark just a few weeks ago. It must have been a mild case, and the teachers worked me through it; but I do occasionally transpose numbers and letters, something I’d just assumed were normal mistakes.

I wasn’t yet old enough to write when I composed my first story, a fanfiction about my trip to Oz. My mother typed it out for me until I lost interest, and never completed it.

My first completed story was a few years later, when I wrote down a dream I had about being taken into the sky on a UFO made of books (!) My brother refused to believe I’d dreamed that. Like my conscious mind could have thought it up!

In 2003 I sent a manuscript (Radio Red, as I recall) to a publisher, and after not hearing from them for a year I learned that they’d gone out of business. I sent a follow-up query to be sure, and got a phone call from the former publisher—who’d decided to try being an agent, and offered to take me on as a client. I had an agent! Yay!
Three years later, after a few bites here and there, he decided to quit the business.

To add insult to injury, in 2009 Mark Hunter signed a contract to get his new novel published … Mark Hunter of Great Britain. Even Mark Hunter was having more publishing success than Mark Hunter.

In June, 2010, my grandson was rushed to the emergency room, and my car was totaled when a hit and run driver crashed into my daughter. I’d been up 24 hours and was physically and emotionally exhausted when I checked my e-mail and found an acceptance letter from Whiskey Creek Press, for Storm Chaser—my first book contract. I printed it out and went to sleep. It was all very anticlimactic.

 My wife and I met on a writer’s website (Well, she wasn’t my wife then). She thought, based on my writing style, that I was female.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A good week writing

I started out to add a short scene to my space opera story, and ended up creating a new character and writing 1,850 words. Sometimes my mind just runs with it.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Fifty Authors from Fifty States: Idaho: A Hidden Gem with Beth Hanggeli

Fifty Authors from Fifty States: Idaho: A Hidden Gem with Beth Hanggeli: Idaho. Yes, the Potato State. It’s even on our license plates: Famous Potatoes. Although truth be told, the famous ones are grown nine ...

Proof is in the pages

We’ve sent for a proof copy of “Slightly Off the Mark”, which should arrive around the end of the month. Another run-through to come, and hopefully no major problems in formatting—then one step closer to a print run. Next will be to decide how many to order.

Friday, March 20, 2015

We’ve Got You Covered

Here’s the proposed cover Emily did for Slightly Off the Mark, which we hope to have out in print and e-book in April. Let me know what you think!