One step forward ...

My clothes drier stopped working this morning. (Just stopped. No smoke, sparks, explosions or personal injury — very anticlimactic, for me.) I thought there could be some cosmic connection between that and the potential income from my short story connection, since it’s coming out in just weeks or days, so I did some basic math.

Yeah. I’m not optimistic enough to think I’m going to sell that many copies before I get tired of hanging stuff on the line.


  1. My landlady's dryer and washer finally gave out recently. They had been downstairs and working for more than thirty years.

  2. You have to admire the makers of appliances that hold up for that long, when you consider how much wear and tear are put on them. The washer my son-in-law found for sale was sitting on someone's front porch, and only needed a belt to get up and running again. We found a 1976 penny inside it, and from what I can tell that's about how old the washer is.