But knowing is nice

The cardiologist, as expected, does not think my chest pains were related to my heart, so it all checks out. As a precaution (there's a family history of heart attacks) they're scheduling me for a CT heart scan to search for plaque, which I tried to explain to them was on my teeth. Jeez, I thought they were experts.


  1. Experts...I asked to have my leg and shoulder x-rayed after a bad fall. Nurse Nitwit ordered a bone density test.

    You're the third person I know (in the past month) to have to have a stress test. Everybody got an all clear, though my cardiologist prefaced our discussion with, "I'm not saying you don't have heart disease...."

    1. That's the problem, isn't it? Many of these tests can prove you *do* have heart disease, but none of them can prove you *don't*. I've been going through a similar thing with my prostate specific antigen readings for three years, now.

  2. If it's not one thing, it's the other, or so it seems....

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