You gotta have heart

I probably won't be online much tomorrow, as I have an appointment to see a cardiologist. Nothing to worry about: I had some chest pains a few weeks ago, but they're fairly sure it was associated with an infection. My EKG said I was "borderline abnormal" -- as if we didn't already know that -- so they want me to see a heart specialist as a precaution, because I can't pay them anymore if I die.


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    1. It's not me who needs to take care, it's those people doing the testing. They might have needles.

  2. I had mine a few weeks ago--an echo stress. Are you getting echo or nuclear?

    1. Neither, as it turns out -- the cardiologist doesn't think my pains had anything to do with my heart. However, as a precaution due to family history and previous high cholesterol, they are scheduling me for a CT heart scan (CT angiography) to measure the calcium buildup in my coronary arteries. It's all very routine for my age and history.