One More Class For The Road

            We drove down to IPFW tonight for Emily’s last classroom session (she still has a final test coming up). The roads were so-so, and will probably be worse on the way home; I think my annual prediction of a very bad winter is going to come true, this year.

            I’m going to miss this place … of course, I didn’t have tests. I’m taking advantage of her classroom time to do some final polishing of Radio Red before it goes out to – somebody.


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    1. Oh, don't worry -- I've never been hurt while polishing a manuscript.

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  3. This time of year, exams are hectic. Add in weather to the mix...

    Looks like you've got a spammer that made it past the filters.

    1. What, you don't think "Bulk SMS provider in Bhubaneswar" is for real?