Migraine, yourgraine, everyone's graine ...

Emily and I spent much of the last few days with bad headaches, probably weather related, and last night it sent me into a migraine. This morning the page went off for a fire and I came downstairs, drank some water, took ibuprofen, and woke up enough to realize no way was I going to a fire … the aftereffects of a migraine aren’t all that much better than the effects. I was drained and my back was killing me, which I suspect stemmed from the pain making my body tense up. My best guess is that the weather, changes in my sleep patterns, and stress were the big triggers.

But I didn’t come here to complain … wait, yes I did. I didn’t get any writing done, either, and I’m missing my brother’s Halloween party. Boo! (“Boo”, in a bad way.)

I’ve only had about half a dozen migraines, and from what I’ve heard, I suspect mine was a “mild” one. Of course, me being a guy, I suffered more than a woman would have with the same level of pain. Or at least, I complained more. I know people who live with these regularly, and I can’t imagine how horrible that is. It would be like the worst days of my chronic back pain all over, times ten, plus nausea. (By the way, Emily took care of me despite her own headache.)

So if you know anyone who has migraines, send some sympathy there way. Apparently I need to reduce stress and get more sleep, so I’d like to announce I’m retiring from my third shift 911 dispatcher job, just as soon as I get a seven figure, three book deal from any publisher that can pay seven figures. Should be any moment now.

The Seventh Question

The Seventh Question:
Thanks to Simon Goodson, who has an author interview corner on his website and somehow learned I’m an author. His series is “Seven questions”, in which he asks six questions about writing … plus a seventh, somewhat more unusual one. And I’m the first entry! Usually I’m only first in the chocolate snack line.

Horror collection: When the Lights Go Out

I didn’t have time to write something for the Ink Slingers’ League’s latest short story collection, but a bunch of other great writers have put out a work that’s perfect for the Halloween season—and free.

“A collection of twenty-five short stories just in time for Halloween. Enjoy thrills, chills, and mysteries. Meet ghosts, demons, vampires, and monsters everywhere from dark city streets to the English countryside. Scares lurk in the most unexpected places and, when the lights go out, nowhere is safe and no one will be spared.”

Check it out!

The Walking Dead are killing me

I have a really stressful full time job, but it’s the TV show The Walking Dead that’s going to send me into therapy.

Usually I choose escapism and/or humor for my entertainment, but every now and then something really dark captures my interest (coughFargocough). Humor happens on The Walking Dead, but as with anything else on that show it’s usually a shock.

I don’t like getting invested in a character, knowing he/she has a better than even chance of not making it through the current season. I don’t like extreme gore. Heck, I’m not even a zombie fan. Yet there I am, week after week, cringing and yelling at the TV and unable to look away.

They really did me in last episode. (I predict he/she’s gone. Face the bitter truth, DeadFans, we lost another favorite.)

It’s all about character. As a writer I love creating new characters, and as a fan I love good writing and great characters. (Much as I love Daryl and Michonne, Glenn’s my favorite.) So I keep watching, and I keep screaming “Why? Why?!”, and next week I’ll come right back for more.

As with any addiction, the stress is taking years off my life.