50 Authors Drawing Winner

I’ve never done an online book giveaway until my recent “50 Authors from 50 States” guest blog. When it came time to pick a winner from the commenters, I figured there must be some random drawing generator online somewhere. But it turns out many people still just draw names out of a hat.

So I did. Well, I didn’t—to keep it fair, I had a friend draw one, and since I’m not a hat person it came out of a bowl. The name, not the friend.

Just the same, congrats to Sally Weigold Charette! Her name emerged … just the first name, but there was only one Sally on the list. Sally will receive a copy of Hoosier Hysteria: How the West Became the Midwest Without Moving at All, as soon as it comes out in May. Sally, all I need from you is a mailing address (which I might already have, but I’m lazy.) I hope you like it!

My thanks to Annette Snyder for hosting me! Her ongoing blog of authors from all over can be found here:


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    1. I went to school with her, although now Sally might be the only person living in California to read this book!

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