What I did NOT do on my summer vacation

I read recently that writers should occasionally take time off from writing, so when I went on vacation from my full time job I also avoided anything writing related, for almost two weeks.

It was miserable.

Apparently my wife is correct that I don’t know how to relax … more to the point, you don’t need as much time off if you love what you’re doing. So I’m going to hit the promotion again for Hoosier Hysterical, then do some revising and resubmitting, then start on a new story—not all this week, of course. Next vacation, I’ll take a laptop with me. Um, again.


  1. I wonder...do you have wi-fi in that tent?

    1. I did have my laptop ... Put about 2,000 words on my space opera story that trip, I think.

  2. Kind of hard to turn the imagination off while on vacation, after all.