March, madness

So, I walked out to go to work at 10:45 p.m. and got hit in the face by a squall of sleet and heavy snow ... that was fun. Not entirely unexpected, though -- the weather always turns foul during basketball playoffs, yet another reason to hate basketball.

How 'bout them Cubs?

At least when their regular season starts the cold is mostly over. Think they'll do well until their traditional August crash and burn?


  1. That's crazy, Mark. What is up with the weather this year??
    Cool that you're a volunteer firefighter. My hubby does it for a living.

  2. I think Mother Nature got tired of all our talk about how humans had tamed nature -- and decided to let us know who was really in charge!

    Tell your hubby hello for me! What fire department is he on? I've been on the Albion, IN Fire Department for 30 years last July.