Edits in for Storm Chaser

Storm Chaser is now listed – under the correct author’s name, after my original penname was accidentally used – on the Whiskey Creek Press “coming soon” page:


Meanwhile, I’ve got the manuscript back for edits, along with a note that time is short! As a result I’ll be mostly vanishing from the internet for several days, although I’ll be available by e-mail – let me know if I miss anything.


  1. I've heard of this...why do the publishers wait until the book is supposed to be out in print to give the script back to you to edit? Why don't they just do the edits, since they want to change it so badly???

    Good for you though...you're doing something that many wish they could...

  2. Well, I guess it's for the best that they want to run edits by the author, so we can at least argue the point if there's something we disagree with. Luckily, just from browsing through what they sent me, I don't see any suggestions I violently disagree with.
    But why, a full year after being accepted, I get edits just one month before publication date, I couldn't tell you.