Relay, Emily, and Doctor Who

I got soaked by rain at the American Cancer Society Relay for Life; the storms missed us, though, and it was worth it for a good cause. Also, I walked over three miles, bought a white rose bush as part of the fund raising, and won a Buffalo nickle in the silent auction -- as a lover of old coins, I've always wanted one of those. The hot dogs were pretty good, too.

Meanwhile, who got on IPFW's Dean's list AND honors list? That's right -- my fiancee Emily did! Everybody say congrats to (as we call her on Livejournal) strangexgirl!

One of the ways we celebrated was by catching the first two episodes of this season's Doctor Who. Could that show get any more spectacular and awe-inspiring? (Apparently so, from what I've been hearing about ep. 4.) Somebody needs to write a Who/Fringe fanfiction crossover; those are two of the most mind-blowing shows on TV today.