back to work

Bad days off. Really bad days off, with things going wrong on a family level in various ways, and that was before my brother and his wife got rear-ended in their pickup truck (They seem to be more or less okay, despite the efforts of several dozen people to get them to make a doctor's appointment).

Now  I seem to have picked up either a stomach bug or some very mild form of food poisoning. (We're getting by -- no need to call 911.)   The family stuff involves other people, and it's not my place to talk about it, other than to say I'm concerned and upset. For all I know, my digestive discomfort of the last several hours might be stress. Best way to handle times like that is to muddle through, think of others who have it worse, and keep plugging away at life. Mostly I wanted you to know that if I'm not around as much as usual the next few days, it's just real life intruding.

Meanwhile, I have the comfort of Emily and all my friends and family who've been voicing support and spreading the word about the release of Storm Chaser. With all the books that get published every year, it's wonderful to see how much attention my little piece of escapism is getting. I'm very thankful. Although it's still not up on or the Barnes & Noble website, I assume it's selling a copy or two on the Whiskey Creek website, and I expect to get my shipment of print copies in a couple of weeks. Soon I'll have enough feedback to know if I should tackle that sequel I've had on my mind ...