guest blogging for fun and profit

I was asked to guest on my friend Donna's blog, so in addition to answering questions that take us from poetry to vasectomies, I give somewhat lighthearted advice to would-be writers:

I hope everyone's doing well; I've been behind on catching up with the internet, again. When I went to get a tetnus shot and a checkup last week I not only had a reaction to the shot, but the doctor discovered I have a low-grade sinus infection. The result? I've been sleeping a lot or just laying in a lump ever since I started the antibiotic. Pretty much par for the course this summer.


  1. Hope you are feeling better, Mark! I'll have to check out Donna's blog for the interview...I love writing advice.

  2. I'm feeling better, thanks. I hope you do get something out of my writing advice, even if it is somewhat tongue in cheek!

  3. You did a great guest blog. Thank you.