a moving experience

Got up to 95 degrees yesterday ... heat index of 103 or so ... so naturally, my oldest daughter and I spent the late morning and early afternoon helping my youngest daughter move. From one upstairs apartment, across town, to another upstairs apartment.

I'm just now starting to get sore, but I'm still tired ... and I think maybe still a little dehydrated.

Ironically, Jillian's new apartment overlooks her ex-step-father's house, where she lived for several years.


  1. Moving days in the heat. How...fun. I refuse to move again unless it is the last move. And I have told my family I am selling anything I can rather than cart it around again.

  2. I've been telling people I'm not moving unless I'm so rich that I can either leave everything behind and start over from scratch, or hire someone to do ALL the work.