Because that's how things go, for me.

With the help of Harry Taylor and Tanner Lock, hauled a nice, used but in good shape clothes drier from Mom's church to my house; then I disassembled a railing to get it down the basement stairs; then the drier vent split as I was putting it on, so I repaired it (thank you, duct tape). Then it was time to turn it on, to check if it will still work as advertised.

The plug won't fit.

The old drier had a differently configured electrical plug than the "new" one.

It's time for me to go to my first physical therapy session for my tendonitis, where I suspect the therapist will be surprised at how stressed my muscles seem. So, I'm ignoring the problem until later. But I do want to point out that, while most clothes can be hung to dry, it doesn't work too well for towels.


  1. Well, at least you can buy an adaptor for that...

    1. Nope -- doesn't look like you can ...