Dejunking feels good ... when it's finished. I assume.

So far I have a car full for recycling, several boxes for my daughter’s garage sale on May 21-23, and three large bags of trash—and I’ve only just started de-junking. On my schedule, this could take the rest of the year. But maybe I’ll sell some books at the garage sale … both the ones I wrote and the ones I read.

On a not-unrelated note, I should probably research remedies for back pain.


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    1. Don't really have time for that! But I am trying to divide my time between the physical work and the writing stuff.

  2. The recycling can really pile up! Our storeroom is currently overloaded.

    1. You've made me realize I was misleading in that. I had only one can of regular recycling stuff: All the rest of it was stuff I've had in my attic and basement for years, that I finally decided to get rid of!