The Perfect Yard Sale Weather, and Other MIracles

I’ve had a few outdoor book signings, which always brought the obvious worry-the weather would stink. It’s related to the garage sale rule: If you hold a garage sale, the weather will be horrible for a garage sale.

(I just made that rule up, but I’m not the only one who’s noticed.)

For my daughter’s yard sale, the strangest thing is happening: If the weather holds, it will be perfect weather. For Thursday through Saturday mostly sunny, temperatures high sixties to low seventies. (This is assuming we survive the next couple of frigid days, of course. There’s no time of the year when I like getting this close to a record low.)

If I sell some of my new books and some used books, I’ll be happy. If I don’t lose my whole stock to a downpour, I’ll be pleasantly shocked … as opposed to the way I’m usually shocked.