Book Promotion Goes To the Dogs

Here’s a new promotion idea: From now on, whenever anyone buys a copy of my humor book Slightly Off the Mark, I’m going to post a cute photo of our dog, Bae (who happens to be on the cover).

I know what you’re thinking: “But Mark, wouldn’t you eventually post those pictures anyway?”

Well … yes.

But don’t you think he’d like to help with the household budget? It keeps him in kibble.


  1. Maybe I should do that with my daughter's nags. Their straw alone costs more per month than I eat in a year.
    Good thinking.

    1. Great idea! People love good animal photos.

  2. The pictures of your dog are wonderful.

  3. Such a beautiful dog. You ought to take him to signings and when people buy one, they get their pic taken with him.