author interview ... with me. Hey, I'm an author!

Would you like to know some background stuff about me and my writing history?

You wouldn’t? Oh.

Well, for the rest of you, here’s a piece on Fiona Mcvie’s author interview blog:

It’s a bit lengthy—Fiona asks a lot of questions!—but think of it as an interview novella, rather than an interview short story. She pries out of me how I came to be me, author-wise: a six year old fanfic writer, Star Trek theft, how a science fiction writer got published in the romance genre, and why my main influence is still a children’s author, among other things … all the way up to my retirement plans. Oh, and there’s a sample of Hoosier Hysterical, titled “Facts is Facts”.

Well, I thought it was interesting to write. Like therapy, only without the insurance bill.


  1. When I hover over the disappears!

    1. Try clicking on it even if you can't see it -- I suspect when you hover on it, it turns the same color as the background. How it ended up with that background, I have NO idea.