more photos from the ALL-IN Block Party

A few more photos from the June 25 Noble County ALL-IN Block Party ... photos I was supposed to post, oh, around June 25 ...

It's Indiana's bison-tennial, see. Get it? Yep. (No bison were harmed in the casting of these bison.)
Albion Community Theater actors impersonated local celebrities, but I wasn't able to get close enough to hear them or get an identity. Therefore ... I speculated, which was kind of fun. I'm thinking it was, l to r: author Gene Stratton-Porter, John Dillinger, poet Arthur C. Mapes, U.S. Representative and war vet E. Ross Adair, popcorn guru Orville Redenbacher, and Commissioner of Baseball Ford Frick. (So far as I know, Redenbacher has nothing to do with Noble County, but I'd imagine Dillinger might have driven through.)
Security seemed a little lax.

It was a thyme to remember. No, wait--that's a shop.
Seeing is how our state is literally named the Land of Indians, it kinda makes sense. The green structure in the background is the Black Building, which gets a lot of mention in my books Smoky Days and Sleepless Nights and Images of America: Albion and Noble County.
Yes, more photos to come ... later. Hopefully before August.