Sometimes You Just Have to Judge

I’m taking time off from my writing stuff to work on someone else’s writing stuff: specifically, I’ll be busy the next few days judging 4-H entries.

For those who don’t know, 4-H is an organization that gives hands-on learning experiences to young people. (That’s the way-short version!) I’d always thought of it as farm related—showing animals, and such. Turns out it’s way more than that, and a few years ago I was approached about helping with an area close to my heart, creative writing.

How good are the entries? In a few years, these kids will be helping me with my writing.


  1. The organization does exist up here as well. I remember a farm down the road from our home had a 4-H sign.

  2. 4H has writing groups now? I belonged to 4H years ago, but we only had stuff involving animals, cooking, sewing....

    1. These days they're spread out quite a bit; basically if a kid's interested in something that could better them, so is 4H.

  3. I used to do line-dancing with my daughters through 4-H.