Book Promotion Goes To the Dogs

Here’s a new promotion idea: From now on, whenever anyone buys a copy of my humor book Slightly Off the Mark, I’m going to post a cute photo of our dog, Bae (who happens to be on the cover).

I know what you’re thinking: “But Mark, wouldn’t you eventually post those pictures anyway?”

Well … yes.

But don’t you think he’d like to help with the household budget? It keeps him in kibble.

Mental health day, then.

My back is killing me ... Apparently I pulled that lower muscle again a few days ago, and yesterday the chiropractor jumped up and down on my back for half an hour. 

But on the bright side, that means a full writing day! Just me, the recliner, laptop, tea, and ... Well, full revision and polishing day, which isn't so very much fun.

Calling Noble County, Indiana authors to a block party!

I had this idea to bring Noble County authors together as a club, armed with clubs … a club club. Its goal: to force everyone else to read. But that seems excessive and possibly illegal, so how about we all get together for an author appearance?

Actually, that’s the idea of Joy LeCount and the Albion S.T.A.R. Team, which plans a Noble County ALL-IN Block Party around the courthouse square Saturday, June 25. (ALL-IN is a statewide effort by Indiana Humanities.)

Joy asked me to reach out to Noble County authors, and I think we can include authors from Noble County and those with a heavy presence in Noble County. Her idea was to have the authors together during the event, which goes from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., for book signings, photo opportunities, question answering, solving mysteries, and being ruggedly handsome.

It might be under the umbrella of Noble County libraries, which makes sense to me, but that hasn’t been decided yet. For now, anyone who’s interested let me know with your name and contact info (preferably an e-mail address), so we can get a count and give further information as plans firm up.

I’m not going to organize it myself, due to time constraints and the inescapable fact that I’m a terrible organizer, but I’ll be as involved as possible. If anyone is interested in being the official author organizer, please let us know.

S.T.A.R., of course, stands for the Super Town of Albion Revitalization Team. If you look carefully, you’ll find their website here:

The S.T.A.R. Team does all sorts of neat things around Albion, but in this case it’s a Noble County-wide event highlighting county organizations. The block party is designed to get residents more involved in their communities, and to celebrate that aforementioned bicentennial which, after all, doesn’t happen every decade.

Look for scads of activities on the square that day, and as you all know a scad is substantially more than a dozen, so let me know soon if you’re interested. There are plans for a photo booth, a book exchange, DNR demos on boat safety, and participation by groups like the Noble County Extension Homemakers and the Noble County Saddle Club. Also, yes, the Noble County Quilters are making a Noble County Quilt. (Maybe I’m getting older, but I think that’s a cool idea.) There’ll be an eight foot Indiana State Torch on the Courthouse lawn, so lighting won’t be a problem. There is also, naturally, a plan to honor veterans, and look for a United Way sponsored Bison-tennial Statewide Art Project. (‘Cause it’s Indiana’s bicentennial, and we had bison, so …)

So let me know, and I’ll start compiling a list of interested authors. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there! (Also, please repost this unnecessarily long appeal.)

7 things people with hidden depression do

The Art Of Now: 7 Things People With Hidden Depression Do

The Art Of Now: 7 Things People With Hidden Depression Do

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Author Roger Lawrence Answers Seven Questions

I’m still way behind—only a month, now—but here’s another installment of Simon Goodson’s “The Seventh Question”, featuring author Roger Lawrence who, like me, writes in different genres.
“I get the ideas for new books every day and have subsequently lost ninety percent by forgetting to write them down.”
Roger is the author of nine novels so far, but is putting the finishing touches on a trilogy that should be ready by Christmas.

Nope. Still don't wanna build a snowman.

I posted this back in February of last year, and for some reason I started thinking of it again this weekend. Really, it works best if you have the music playing in the background while you’re reading it.
Maybe you’ve seen “Frozen”. Maybe you’ve been frozen. Either way, I think you can relate to how I changed the song’s words, to reflect my feelings about winter. If you’re not familiar with the song, just ask any kid. If they don’t have the soundtrack or a karaoke version, they can probably still hum the tune from memory.

"I Don’t Want To Build a Snowman"
 (sung to the tune of Do You Want to Build a Snowman)

I don’t wanna build a snowman. 
Come on, are you crazy?
I’m not going near that frozen door
Call me a bore
I’m not going to freeze today.           

I’m used to being warm
and when I’m not
I wish that I could die!

I don’t wanna get the frostbite.
I don’t want to see fingers white.

Go away, Winter.
Okay? Bye...

I don’t wanna build a snowman.
Or get hit with wet snowballs.
I think the outside may be for you,
I don’t like turning blue
and suffering from falls.

(Just hangin’ at home.)

I’ll stoke a fire or two
Staying in my room,
and at least then I won’t die.

Please don’t make me go out there,
People are asking when it will end.
They say their skin has turned to ice,
Out there it’s not so nice:
Just go back in.

We’re not such a fan
Of this icy land,
But what are you gonna do?  

I don’t wanna build a snowman. [sniff]

So ... should I post my next great song, "Stop the Snow"?

But ... I'm so cool!