Molly Daniels Says, “Happy 'Bison-Tennial’ Indiana!”

Molly Daniels Says, “Happy 'Bison-Tennial’ Indiana!” 


50 Authors from 50 States highlights another Indiana author, Molly Daniels:

"I grew up in Tippecanoe County, where I survived the Blizzard of ‘78;  traveled to the Indiana Dunes once; and spent many happy hours canoeing down Sugar Creek, then exploring Turkey Run and The Shades State Parks."  Emily and I were on the way back from visiting Turkey Run and Shades State Parks when our car was totaled in an accident last year; but we don't hold it against the parks.

Oh, and I get a sidebar next to Molly's post. :-)


  1. That blizzard of 78 must have inspired you to write Storm Chasers.

    1. No, although I did write an unpublished book about firefighters based on the Blizzard. (That was a long time ago--it needs work!) Storm Chaser was mostly inspired by becoming a storm spotter for the fire department, and also by how much the weather affects my full time job as a dispatcher.

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    1. I thought so too. I wish I had the artistic mind to come up with visual art like that.