A video of the eclipse ... no, really an audio of the crowd

Okay, well, let's see if this works. It's the only video I took of the total eclipse, and it's a really lousy video--I didn't have the equipment, nor did I have any intention of trying. But what I want you to see, or rather hear--if indeed the audio works--is the crowd reaction to the moment of totality.

That's just the people who vocalized their reaction. That doesn't include the ones like Emily and me. I took a few shots, then dropped the camera and just stood there in awed silence. (And one little kid yelled, "best vacation ever!")

There are impressive videos and photos of this eclipse--but it's just not the same as seeing it in person. Our 1,400 mile trip (it wasn't just for the eclipse!) was totally worth it. More on that later.

(If you see this pop up and then it immediately disappears, it just means I couldn't figure out how to make it work.)


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    1. I could have brought my tripod; but you should have seen some of the high dollar setups some others showed up with!

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    1. You know, it's one thing to see some awesome special effect or plot twist on a screen -- and something else to experience the real thing, in real time, in real life.

  3. That wasn't bad. The closest thing I've ever had to a real eclipse. Except a lunar one and that was the most boring thing I ever saw.

    1. I find all eclipses interesting ... or maybe totality has ruined everything else in the future for me.

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