Germs or motes? Waiting for the Frost

I've been feeling crappy the last several days: either an oncoming summer cold or a bad allergy attack (and/or lack of sleep). Considering all the dust and the white cottony stuff floating around outside, I'm thinking allergies, so I should stay inside rather than hiking around. But I had a bout of sleeplessness and hit the trails at Pokagon State Park; 3.6 miles later, I can say no one ever accused me of doing the smart thing.

What am I allergic to? According to the allergy doctor, everything that can be found in nature.

Except water. I'm not allergic to water ... or maybe they didn't test me for that?

And now, with apologize to Robert Frost:

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
And both smelled kind of musty
My nose asked me if I should
Go down something so dusty;

I shall be telling this with a sneeze
My nostrils full of mold
I took the road more allergen
It's worse than any cold.