Surgery and Voting

I wanted to make a quick announcement and an appeal. First, the not so important thing: Starting tomorrow I'll start a series of posts telling of the development and writing of my novel ​Coming Attractions​ -- some looks at how it came to be, details about characters and locations, and so on. As you know, that novel is my entry in Harlequin's So You Think You Can Write contest, here:

Now, for the much more important thing: Please send along your hopes and prayers for my six year old nephew, Christian, who's having an operation tomorrow at Riley's Children Hospital in Indianapolis, to repair a hole in his heart. It's a routine operation, but there's no such thing as routine when dealing with a relative of that age going into surgery. Emily and I will be staying behind to take care of the family tykes who are even younger than Christian, but of course our thoughts will be down there with them, and I hope yours will, too.


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  2. I hope he's doing better.

    And it seems you're infested with a spammer there...

    1. They've been getting worse and worse ...

    2. The spammers, that is -- my nephew is doing fine!