another illness in the family

My sister-in-law, Cathy, is in the hospital after becoming very sick and being diagnosed with emphysema. Looks like she'll be kept for at least a couple of more days, and will have long term problems after. Please keep her, my brother Jeff, and the family in your thoughts and prayers.


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    1. She's getting out this morning, we hope, but it'll still be a long haul ahead.

  2. Make sure the hospital she's in filters the air because if it's a hospital without filtered air her emphysema might get worse. There are so many sick people in hospitals. My brother just got out after two months. Cathy's lungs need clean air!
    I will pray for you and Cathy too!

    1. The building she's in is fairly knew, and has a really good HVAC system ... but with luck she'll get out this morning.