Movie night: "Frozen"

Since apparently it's required to see the movie "Frozen" before starting on this season's Once Upon A Time, Emily and I took some movie time this evening.

It was made of awesome ... unless you hate musicals (I'm looking at you, William), in which case stay far, far away. It's one of the most fun movies I've seen this decade, and I might even admit to getting choked up a bit at the end.


  1. I doubt I'll ever see it- the musical side of things would be enough to drive me away. I did give the soundtrack a listen, but bypassed the songs. The score on the other hand, is a pretty good one, and there's enough score music on the album that I'll get around to picking it up at some point.

    1. Strange how completely different we are on that: I love a good musical. It's my hidden optimist coming out no matter how much I try to stomp him down, I guess. I've got a zombie optimist! You must have shot yours in the head.

      The score was by Chris Beck, a favorite of mine. He did some absolutely stunning work on "Buffy The Vampire Slayer".