Ice, Ice, Baby … and Snow

Well, it seems we’re in for a return to normal weather here in Northern Indiana … can’t say I’m thrilled with the idea. As I write this there’s freezing rain coming in; by the time you read this, it will have arrived, or not. Then it’ll get cold, which again—not a fan.

Just the same, we seem to be one of the quiet spots around the country at the moment. There are blizzard, flood, winter storm, and ice storm warnings across the nation, winter storm and flash flood watches, more thunderstorm forecasts threatening tornadoes across the south, and even a few places that might be uncomfortably warm.

All of this gives us something to talk (and write) about, but that doesn’t make it fun. Be careful! Stay safe, dry, and prepared.


  1. We're now back in more seasonable temperatures here with snow on the ground.

  2. We managed to dodge that bullet--but we did get three days on nonstop rain and now colder temps.

    1. It's colder here, but around "normal" for this time of year, so I guess I can't complain. I will anyway.