Another Mom Update

Mom (Linda Taylor) is out of the hospital and back at North Ridge Nursing and Rehab in Albion, where she needs to finish recovering from her knee replacement surgery and will probably now face rehab as a result of the stroke. I haven’t heard back about the neurologist she was supposed to see, and with the snow storm and work I haven’t been up there since she got back, so I can’t say what room she’s in. She’s still having double vision and headaches.

We’re guessing the chest crud that led to her pneumonia may have been with her for longer than we thought—maybe even before she had the surgery, without anyone catching it. That helps explain why it seemed to come on so suddenly.

So, between that and dealing with the snowstorm at work, it’s been a very stressful week. I should take some relaxation time, what with having this weekend off, but I’ve already made plans … to work on our taxes. That should help.