Disregard last update

Yeah, so, I'm not going to schedule posts ahead of time anymore when it comes to family health--especially my mother's. My blogger and FB writer's page said at about 3:30 today that she was back at the nursing home, which at the time I wrote it (in the early morning) she was. Then ... well, I'll just let you read my sister Penny's account of today:

"Early this am. About 1-2am. They rushed her to Parkview Noble. Had severe bleeding in nose and throat they could not get stopped. Finally, at about 7am, they decided to transfer to FW Parkview Regional. Dr. DUMAS after much work and a lot of blood loss was able to get everything cauterized. Dad took her back to nursing home about noon when idiot male nurse abandoned us at front door of ER. Needless, to say, they weren't much help getting her into vehicle. Normally, wouldn't be a problem, but she is very week due to stroke and blood loss. Then, at 3:30pm, they kicked her out of nursing home. When, she was inpatient last week at Parkview Noble. PT Dept, walked her more than 150 ft in one of her sessions making her ineligible for inpatient rehab. Which, wouldn't be a big deal if the stroke hadn't happened. They also messed up too by forgetting to give her blood pressure medicine the whole time she was there. Guess, we may be speaking to patient advocate for a complaint next week. I just can't believe how messed up this is. I wouldn't want anybody's relative treated like this. So--Please say a prayer now that Mom is home for safety and healing!"