It's bad, that's what I'm saying

The wet snow that fell early yesterday will keep things slippery and tend to pull vehicles off the roadway. The lighter snow that's fallen since is blowing around in increasingly high winds and causing heavy drifting, especially on east-west roads, that drivers sometimes won't see coming.

No, we're not under a declared snow emergency, so don't bother emergency dispatchers by asking--and you can find out road conditions on the radio, TV, and internet. No one can make employers close for the day; but if you absolutely have to go out, stay on the main roads as much as possible, go slowly, and use extreme caution.


  1. We got the snow mixed in with freezing rain later. The walk this morning was treacherous.

    1. I got stuck in the parking lot while trying to get home -- didn't make it three feet before I had to be pushed out, and it was more the ice than the snow.