ALL-IN author booth photos

A few photos from last Saturday’s author appearance at the ALL-IN Block Party. It was a 200th birthday party for Indiana, and my new humor book is about Indiana, so showing up was pretty much a given.

Me and my favorite co-writer. I'm the one on the left.

That's Joy LeCount on the right, explaining why my writing can sometimes be uneven. Joy, more than anyone, was responsible for pulling the whole ALL-IN Block Party off, and come to think of it she also pulled me in.

Stop looking for me, I was manning the camera. Those are the fifteen authors in the background, and the Noble County libraries booth in the foreground. People have been crediting me, but it was the library people who did most of the work in getting the authors together.

A view from my seat inside the author's area. It was a hot day, but when a writer is sitting outside with a stack of books, hot beats rain.

Most people don't know this, but bison were big readers. This bison actually had a book tattoo to show his support. But if you look very carefully, you'll notice one of the books is titled "Gilligan's Island". Huh?