Newsletter Live Tomorrow

Tomorrow afternoon we’re going to send out our very first newsletter, which will be way better than the last one. It’s got that major announcement I mentioned, a little humor, a mention of the upcoming author appearance (a second one’s pending, too), and—as promised—a cute dog photo.

So just hop on over to and go to the bottom of the main page, type in your e-mail address (which will absolutely not be shared), and hit subscribe! Well, and then you’ll have a confirmation e-mail. Some people who filled out the signup sheet for the newsletter months ago are just now getting that, because I got lazy … I sure hope they remember who I am.

I’m still floundering my way through this whole self-promotion thing. Eventually the newsletter might also be linked on Facebook or my blog, but I’ve found a lot of people just aren’t seeing things on social media … there’s just too much stuff flying by us, these days.

Social media? Doesn't bother me, dude.


  1. I'll look for it when I open my email. I envy Bae right about now- bad night of sleep for me.

    1. Bae sleeps a lot, but he doesn't sleep well--he's always ready to leap up and defend the home from mailmen, or squirrels, or people talking too loudly at the bank across the street.