Who’s Going to Win the Election, and Why It Will Screw Up My Book Sales

I scheduled a book signing for November 16th under the theory that by then Election Day madness would be all over but the shouting. What didn’t occur to me was that promoting the appearance might be drown out by that very same election hoopla. In all the fuss, and with so many of the smart people who read books avoiding social media (told you they were smart), will anyone even know about it? The author appearance, not the election.

It could be a very lonely four hours (at the library in Albion, 3-7 p.m.). But I persevere, because surely people want to give books as gifts—they’re so much more entertainment than “Don’t blame me, I voted for neither of them” bumper stickers.

Ah, but I promised to tell you who’s going to win the election. Easy: Once the cemetery votes are in, Hillary Clinton will handily win the Electoral College in what will be termed a blowout. She’ll squeak by in the popular vote in what will be termed a mandate, with a few states being too close to call but most of those going to her in the end. Most networks will call it by around 10 p.m. Florida will be called by around December.

This is not a political opinion, by the way: Just a prediction. While I have a great personal dislike for Clinton, I also have a great personal dislike for Trump, so at the moment (it’s late Sunday as I write this), I’m mostly just numb. Those of you who like her politics, be comforted by this: Some of our better political leaders were unsavory people, in one way or another.

And we now live in a country where anyone, of any race or gender, could be elected president, so there’s that. Race or gender is a poor reason to vote for someone, but it’s also a poor reason to vote against someone.


  1. I'm voting for the issues near and dear to my heart. This campaign has been a real circus. One we'll remember through our Alzhiemer years.

    1. Just my luck ... I'm 95 years old, and this election is the only thing I remember!

  2. In this case she's the less awful candidate. In retrospect, the GOP could have fielded Jeb or Kasich and really given her a run for the money. Instead they went with the Clown.

    Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Eisenhower would be horrified by what's become of the party.

    1. There's no doubt in my mind that Hillary Clinton is a much worse candidate--and that's going some. Just because she's better at hiding her awfulness doesn't make her less awful.

      As I said, my post was meant as a prediction rather than an opinion. Just the same, while the Republican leadership generally hates Trump, they brought it on themselves by not listening to the people they claim to represent. The people very much wanted someone independent of Washington this time around--and as a result, paid more attention to outsider status than to policies and background.

      Having said that, we should all be horrified that for 150 years the Democratic party has been keeping minorities in abject poverty and second-rate status for the purposes of control and power. Neither party has much to be proud of lately.