I don't want to build a snowman

Maybe you’ve seen “Frozen”. Maybe you’ve been frozen. Either way, I think you can relate to how I changed the song’s words, to reflect my feelings about winter. If you’re not familiar with the song, just ask any kid. If they don’t have the soundtrack or a karaoke version, they can probably still hum the tune from memory.

"I Don’t Want To Build a Snowman"
 (sung to the tune of Do You Want to Build a Snowman)

I don’t wanna build a snowman. 
Come on, are you crazy?
I’m not going near that frozen door
Call me a bore
I’m not going to freeze today.           

I’m used to being warm
and when I’m not
I wish that I could die!

I don’t wanna get the frostbite.
I don’t want to see fingers white.

Go away, Winter.
Okay? Bye...

I don’t wanna build a snowman.
Or get hit with wet snowballs.
I think the outside may be for you,
I don’t like turning blue
and suffering from falls.

(Just hangin’ at home.)

I’ll stoke a fire or two
Staying in my room,
and at least then I won’t die.

Please don’t make me go out there,
People are asking when it will end.
They say their skin has turned to ice,
Out there it’s not so nice:
Just go back in.

We’re not such a fan
Of this icy land,
But what are you gonna do?  

I don’t wanna build a snowman. [sniff]

Sad Olaf screencap [per request from anonymous] — When Anna freezes
"But ... I'm so cool!"


  1. Very creative!

    Hunker down and drink tea or hot chocolate. From the weather forecasts, you'll need it!

    1. Absolutely. We just got back from shopping, in front of the next snow system to sweep through and bring more cold air with it. I used to be one for hot chocolate, but these days I'm all about the tea!

  2. I can't imagine anything more miserable than what you are going through. Neat way to protest.

    1. I don't think of it as protest ... I think of it as whining! but I suppose there's a fine line.

  3. Oh, that's an improvement over the original, Mark!

  4. I know the original since my daughter never, ever stops singing it. Yours is way better.

    1. I've been singing the soundtrack too, but only until my wife hits me.

  5. I love your version! my little cousin drives us nuts with this movie and soundtrack!

    1. On the one hand, I love the soundtrack ... on the other hand, my grandkids don't live with me, so I don't have to hear it all the time!

  6. Me neither. I learned that every winter when I'd go visit my grandparents in Baltimore. Snow sucks!

  7. lol, so well done, just shows your creativity.

    1. Not to mention showing how I feel about winter!