Sometimes Writers Should Retreat

I wrote about three thousand words on a short story during my “writer’s retreat” at Pokagon State Park yesterday. The real reason for me being there is for a later time, but it was perfect weather for hanging around outside. At Pokagon you can do that at a picnic table, on the beach, in isolated spots or public shelters, or just sitting in the car looking over the scenery.

I’d planned to work on my new book project, which I’ll also explain at a later time, but I hadn’t gotten the research sources around for it and didn’t have internet (which is one of the reasons why it’s good for writing). Instead I started on a story idea that came to me while I was mowing the lawn. Nice weather is clearly good for my creative juices.

There was also a 45 minute walk and a short nap in the car, and they were probably both good for me. I might have to do some cutting later; at 3,500 words and only two thirds done, “short” story is just as expression.

The CCC Shelter, above the beach at Pokagon State Park, where I wrote about a thousand words before moving on. Emily and I considered having our wedding reception here.


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    1. It's really nice, and well made. We'd talked about having our wedding reception there, if we ever get around to having our wedding reception ...

  2. I think we often retreat, especially when we suddenly feel that urge to write.