Medical with a side of ick

Yes, yes, I know … I was supposed to spend the weekend promoting (i.e. pushing, and/or selling) my short story collection. Well, let me tell you a short story: In the last week and a half my grandmother was taken by ambulance to the hospital (she’s back home now), my mother came down with pneumonia, Emily’s aunt was hospitalized, Emily was diagnosed with pharyngitis, and … well, is it any wonder that I started suffering abdominal pain? Ulcer, here I come.

Except that after all the blood draws, x-rays, and other tests I’d just as soon not mention, I didn’t have an ulcer. Lower left quadrant pain, for you armchair doctors. Care to guess? No fair looking it up on the internet …

Right – diverticulitis. Very good. It has to do with the large intestine, and it’s pain with a load of ick. Speaking of load, guess what they’re going to do to confirm it and rule out other problems? Hint: I’m approaching the age when I’m supposed to have it periodically, anyway. Another hint: There’s more ick involved.

That’s right! My very first colonoscopy! It’s important, as we get older, to keep our minds flexible by trying new things.

Although I suspect my mind isn’t the area where flexibility will be a problem.

Say … I’ll bet I could get a column out of this.

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Now I’m getting this mental imagine of my gut smiling. Ick.