plumbing horrors

We bought a bathroom sink last night, and already have a newer toilet waiting, thanks to my daughter and son-in-law. This morning we spent some time trying to figure out the maze of plumbing in the basement, which has resolved itself more or less into two different but interrelated systems, installed decades ago in an already standing house by two drunk bakers and their assistant, a trained monkey. (I'm kidding: The monkey wasn't trained.) Apparently they had a dozen extra valves they didn't know what to do with, so they just threw them in at random.

The plan: To turn off and drain the hot water heating system, remove the radiator, sink, and toilet from the bathroom, replace the already ripped-up bathroom carpet (seriously, whose idea was that?) with linoleum, then put them all back in again in working order. Then put all the old stuff out for spring cleanup a week from today.

Pray for us. Because we don't have a prayer.


  1. My parents' previous house had a very pecular electrical system. Wanted that one particular light outside turned on? Well, you had to go down to the basement and flip a switch there, at the other side of the house. That was typical.

    1. Sounds like we could both write books about certain houses! Mine's not wired too badly, although the kitchen light switch at my stepdad's house gave me a jolt of electricity whenever I touched it.