Print coming soon for Ian Grant ...

I just ordered 50 print copies of "The Notorious Ian Grant". Naturally I'd rather everyone buy from me or my website, since I get a bit more of the money that way, but it should be available in print form soon on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and

The retail price is $16.99, which surprised me. Yes, I think it's worth the read, and it's a good quality printing, but I'd hoped it would be priced lower than "Storm Chaser". I can't change my publisher's price, but maybe some kind of deal is in order ... a discount on one of my other books for people who buy this one, for instance. I'll have to think that one over before it arrives ...


  1. Those fifty will come in handy. I'm wondering who your cover dude reminds me of.

    1. He reminds me of Sawyer, from "Lost" ... I'm not sure what the actor's being doing lately.